Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney

commercial trucking accident attorney raleighTractor trailers and commercial trucks provide a great service to us all- delivering the goods we need. Unfortunately they also present a grave danger. Accidents involving these large vehicles can result in severe personal injury and sometimes death. DeMent Askew has extensive experience in helping those that have been injured, and helping the families that have had a loved one killed, in severe trucking accidents.

If you were injured or a love one killed in a trucking accident, it is important to contact a seasoned and experienced trial attorney as soon as possible. Trucks have “black-boxes” that record vital information including trip details, speed, timing of application of brakes needed to prove your case. The trucking companies are not legally required to maintain important evidence. They may repair the truck eliminating incriminating evidence, for example.

Preparing a Commercial Trucking Accident Claim

We will ensure that this information is preserved. Our attorneys will personally ensure the evidence in maintained, but you need to contact us as soon as possible. We may employ an accident reconstructionist to perform an individual investigation on your behalf. It is important to perform these tasks in a timely manner since accident reconstructionists like to perform their investigation as soon after the accident as possible. This helps demonstrate the negligent drivers fault and force a settlement, but it can also be used to help a jury visualize what you went through. Attorney Johnson has the experience and resources to independently determine the cause of the accident, and he will ensure that you maximize your settlement or recovery potential to the fullest extent.

You are going through a difficult ordeal. We know because we’ve help other in similar situations. You should not be worrying about insurance companies and the claims process.  Let Jim Johnson of DeMent Askew handle your commercial trucking accident law suit so you can get back to focusing on your injuries and your recovery.

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