Nursing Home Negligence

DeMent Askew, LLP will handle any nursing home or assisted living negligence case. If you believe someone you care for has not received proper care or treatment by a nursing home or assisted living facility, you should call an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. It is painful to see a loved one being mistreated in any way. It is also difficult to come to the realization that your loved one has in fact been mistreated. You may have taken part in the decision to place your loved one in this particular facility. Therefore, you may be experiencing a period of denial in which you are having difficulty grasping the reality that this facility in which you placed your complete trust and confidence has neglected or mistreated someone you care for dearly. DeMent Askew, LLP will assist you in dealing with this reality.

It is commonly difficult to determine whether a nursing home or assisted living facility has committed negligence without carefully scrutinizing the records. DeMent Askew, LLP will carefully review all of the records and will also have the records reviewed by one of the many expert physicians or nurses he has used to assist him with nursing home cases in the past. DeMent Askew, LLP will attempt to settle the case without filing a lawsuit. If necessary, we will file a lawsuit and bring the case to trial as soon as possible. Every step of the way, DeMent Askew, LLP will be working with you and for you to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.