Raleigh Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death - Fatal AccidentsIt is always difficult to lose a loved one. It is increasingly difficult when it was caused by the actions or inactions of others, or when it could have been prevented if things were handled differently by others.

What some people call accidental death, attorneys call wrongful death. These cases arise from numerous acts of negligence including reckless or careless driving, dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, substandard healthcare, unsafe worksite conditions or lack of adequate containment of vicious dogs. If you feel you’ve lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence, contact James T. Johnson of DeMent Askew right away. Important evidence necessary to win your case could be lost if you wait.

Personal Injury Case Preparation

After accessing your case, we will begin to investigate and gather evidence. Accident reports are required in car accidents, as well as injuries in the workplace. Whatever evidence related to the incident must be examined- it can help or hurt your case. All medical records and bills and will be procured to help establish fair financial compensation. Then we’ll file a claim with the insurance company.

Attorney Johnson will personally ensure that the claim with the insurance company is filed correctly and in a professional manner.  He will ensure all the necessary information needed to obtain the most favorable settlement for you is included. Most law suits settle before trial, but we’ll be ready to take your case to trial as soon as possible if needed. You’ll be kept informed of the progress of your case and will have confidence DeMent Askew will get the best possible results.

Wrongful death claim are complicated; only experience can prepare an attorney to hold the negligent party responsible. Our attorneys have decades or experience, and they will use it all to your benefit. If you don’t hire us, please make sure the attorney you choose is experienced in wrongful death law suits. You do not want to go through the litigation process when the merits of the case are so weak that it does not justify pursuit of a claim. If it is determined you do have a meritorious case, Mr. Johnson will assist you in the process of setting up the Estate of the deceased in the County Clerk’s Office and will help in determining who should be the Administrator of the Estate.

Further, unique evidentiary issues can arise in wrongful death cases. Again, it is essential to have an experienced trial attorney on your side that has the background and knowledge necessary to tackle the different issues that may arise. We will make sure that your wrongful death claim is reviewed quickly and thoroughly.

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