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Personal Injury Cases: NC Ranks Low for Medical Malpractice Payouts

Criminal Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer.

WalletHub compiled data from numerous sources to see which states are the best ones for doctors to practice in. North Carolina ranked 29th in the nation for opportunity and competition rank, as well as 19th for work environment. A large portion of the work environment rank is directly related to the total amount of medical…

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Decoding North Carolina’s Confusing Texting and Driving Ban

Criminal Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer.

Despite the fact that it was outlawed statewide in 2009, texting and driving in Raleighremains a major issue. During the 2010-2011 fiscal year, North Carolina reported 879 cases of the distracted driving habit, but it actually increased to 2,018 annual cases recently. Wake County was responsible for a whopping 257 of them, while neighboring Cumberland…

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