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Posts Tagged ‘marijuana possession’

The Real Reason Why Drug Possession Charges Are So Severe

Criminal Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer.

The penalties for drug possession in Raleigh are steep. If law enforcement finds you with more than one-half ounce of marijuana, jail-time is a real possibility, if not a certainty. In a country where overpopulation in jails is a major issue, a lot of people wonder why a “victimless crime” comes with such harsh punishments.…

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Legalizing Marijuana in North Carolina

Criminal Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer.

As you probably know, a handful of states have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Although there has been talk of changing the laws, North Carolina still considers possession of marijuana a crime. It falls under the description of Schedule VI drugs, which are those that are not considered medically necessary, but have…

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