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Posts Tagged ‘speeding ticket’

Are You Driving One of These 10 Speeding Ticket-Prone Cars?

Criminal Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer.

Insurance companies specialize in determining the risk associated with each driver and vehicle. So, it’s no surprise that one thing they take into consideration is how likely the driver of a particular car is to receive a speeding ticket. Business Insider recently covered one such insurance company report, which reveals which vehicles are unlucky enough…

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Avoiding a Traffic Offense in Winter Weather

Criminal Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer.

Driving through North Carolina in the winter requires additional care. Snow and ice can contribute to slick roads or decreased visibility. Traffic can slow and become congested, tempting drivers to speed when the road is clear. Construction can create additional hazards and particularly dangerous roads or bridges may be closed. Winter weather is the perfect…

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