Single Mother on Her Way to Work Hit by Pick-Up Truck Running a Red Light Receives $122,500.00 Settlement Just Before Trial

DeMent Askew & Johnson’s client was driving south on Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh on her way to work. She was approaching the intersection with Centennial Parkway and was intending to travel straight through the intersection. At the same time, the Defendant was driving a large pick-up truck traveling in a northerly direction on Lake Wheeler Road approaching the same intersection in the opposite direction. The intersection was controlled by traffic lights. The traffic lights for our client’s direction of travel were emitting steady green lights. Right before she reached the intersection, the light turned yellow. Our client cautiously proceeded through the intersection. Just as she entered the intersection, the Defendant suddenly failed to yield to the oncoming traffic and entered the intersection and attempted to make a left turn crossing directly into the path of our client. The right front of Defendant’s vehicle violently collided into the front of our client’s vehicle. After the collision, she looked down and saw that her right ankle was severely fractured.

Initially, the insurance company denied liability. They contended the Defendant had a flashing “leading-green” light at the time of the collision. We had to file a lawsuit and went through extensive litigation. Just before trial was scheduled to start, we successfully obtained a settlement in the amount of $122,500.00.

Attorney: James Johnson, Dement Askew
Date of Verdict: September 2015

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