Personal Injury: Construction Accidents

The construction industry is comprised of some of the most dangerous jobs in existence. Thousands of serious injuries and fatalities occur on construction sites every year. At DeMent, Askew & Johnson, we represent people injured in construction accidents.  The causes of construction-related injuries are innumerable. While injuries themselves vary broadly from broken bones and spinal injury to brain damage, some of the most common causes of injuries at construction sites include:

  • Ladder and scaffolding accidents
  • Equipment malfunctions and defective tools
  • Slips, falls, and falls from heights
  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Fires, electrical disasters
  • Hearing loss

When an injury occurs on a construction site, normal day-to-day issues of life can become complicated quickly. Aside from the pain and stress of physical injury, damages can include costs associated with medical treatment, lost wages, and possible permanent impairments that compromise your ability to work and earn in the future. Claims arising from construction injuries require complex legal analysis involving elements of workers’ compensation, negligence, and product liability law. The range of entities that may be legally responsible for your damages could include owners, general and sub-contractors, engineers, architects, equipment manufacturers, and all of their respective insurance companies. These different types of claims are governed by different sets of rules and are even handled in different courts.  And they are often fought against parties with nearly limitless resources.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, whether on the job or not, you deserve the guidance of a skilled attorney, experienced in all elements of workers’ compensation law and personal injury litigation. The attorneys at DeMent Askew & Johnson possess the knowledge and experience required to handle the entire range of work-related construction injuries, as well as that necessary to successfully represent people in personal injury, liability, and negligence claims against powerful insurance companies on all fronts.

We bring decades of current, cumulative, and historic experience to injured people in North Carolina.  We have extensive experience representing people injured in construction accidents. If you have been injured in a construction accident, whether on-the-job or other circumstances, call to schedule your free consultation today.


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