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More than Speeding: A Guide to Traffic Offenses

Traffic Offenses in North CarolinaSpeeding might be the most widely-recognized traffic offense, but there are many other reasons a driver might be stopped. In North Carolina, any traffic offense adds points to your driving record. After only 12 points, your license can be suspended. Losing the ability to drive can significantly impact your daily life. You may be unable to travel or need alternative transportation for basic functions, such as going to work or picking up groceries. Understanding the local laws is important, but sometimes you may need legal advice from a traffic offense attorney.

  1. Aggressive Driving

It can be easy to lose patience in traffic, particularly when you are late. Aggressive driving is any type of driving habits that endanger others. This can include speeding, blocking lanes, or changing lanes rapidly. Honking, making hand gestures, and flashing high beams can lead to accidents and altercations.

  1. Following too Closely

When following behind another vehicle, it is appropriate to leave about a car-sized space between your bumper and the other car. In winter weather, a larger space is practical. Should the other driver stop quickly, your car may rear-end the vehicle. In this case, you are at fault for the accident.

  1. Hit and Run

Even a minor hit and run accident is a crime. If you scratch or ding another car in a parking lot or along the curb, you are responsible. Find the vehicle’s driver or leave a note in a secure place. You can also contact local law enforcement to report the accident yourself.

  1. Illegal Passing

Nobody likes following a slow driver. There are several routes in North Carolina that have sections marked as a no-passing zone. This is because the area has limited visibility and a heightened risk for an accident.

  1. Passing a School Bus

North Carolina school bus laws are precise. A vehicle cannot pass a stopped school bus on the same side of the road. For two-lane roads and four-lane roads without a median, that includes traffic from both directions. For four-lane roads with a turn lane or median, that includes traffic moving the same direction.

  1. Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is any behavior that is careless or does not consider the law. This includes speeding at least 15 miles per hour over when the limit is 55 or lower. It also includes driving over 75 miles per hour in any lower zone.

  1. Wrong-way Driving

Be observant of road direction signs. Wrong-way driving, even over a short distance, is illegal. Many wrong-way accidents occur on the freeway and involve alcohol, which significantly changes the circumstances of the case.

Raleigh Traffic Offense Attorney

Even the safest drivers make mistakes. Do not let the second mistake you make be skipping the legal advice. In many situations, your case may be dropped or the sentence waived. If you have already lost your license, an attorney may be able to have it reinstated. Contact DeMent Askew for a free consultation. Call today at 919-833-5555.

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