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School is Starting – Be Safe in School Zones and Around Buses

school bus & school zone ticketsThe Raleigh personal injury law firm of DeMent Askew and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are reminding drivers that the school year is beginning, and calling for all motorists and students to put safety first.

Statistics show that 44 school-aged kids died in school zones across the country while they were traveling to or from school. 34 of those children were hit by either a school bus or different vehicle. While school buses are safest way for students to travel, dangers remain. Parents must teach their children how to be safe around school buses, and motorists must be extra aware of students, school zones, and student transportation vehicles.

Student Safety Tips

Students must do their part to remain safe while going to and from school, this includes when waiting for the bus to arrive, and while getting off and on the bus. Parents should instruct their students to –

  • Stand at least six feet from the curb when waiting on the bus
  • Wait until the driver says it is safe before boarding the bus
  • Cross all streets in front of the bus when exiting the bus
  • Keep and eye on traffic when getting on and off the bus
  • Remain at least 10 feet in front of or beside a school bus

 Tips for Drivers to Keep Students Safe

Drivers can help keep students safe by –

  • Paying attention to students walking and riding bicycles to school
  • Look for children who walk on the street and from out between parked cars
  • Drive slow in neighborhoods, as young children may not be able to judge when it is safe to cross the street

Motorists must also be aware of the flashing lights that bus drivers use to signal their intent. Yellow flashing lights mean drivers must slow down and prepare to stop as the bus is getting ready to stop and drop off or pick up students. Red flashing lights signal that the bus is stopped and students are loading or unloading. Drivers must remain stopped until the bus driver turns off all flashing red lights.

Pedestrians, especially students, are completely vulnerable to cars, trucks, and buses. Driver awareness is the key to student safety. To avoid traffic accidents and traffic offenses, drivers must remain vigilant about safety including by following speed laws and school speed zones; by putting away their cell phones and focusing on driving; and by being aware that young students will not always obey traffic laws and may not have safety on their minds as they head to and from school or after school events.

Raleigh Student Accident Attorneys

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