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Traffic Accident Numbers Highlight the Risks of Speeding

Speedometer detailSpeeding and distracted driving are hot topics across North Carolina at any time. A recent surge of traffic fatalities in the Triad area over the Thanksgiving holiday serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of speeding. Although drivers know the laws and are familiar with the risks, it is easy to assume it will not happen to you. The increase in accidents caused by speeding is motivating local law enforcement officers to increase patrols and stops. Avoid becoming a statistic or getting a speeding ticket and seek legal advice when necessary.

Vehicle Accident Numbers: Then and Now

The most recent incident was reported by the News and Record.Over the nine days surrounding Thanksgiving 2014, a total of 14 people were killed in car accidents. Several others were injured. Of that number, nine victims were between the age of 12 and 20.

Evidence showed that speeding was a significant factor in all of the accidents. Drivers are believed to also have been impaired or distracted. Many of the victims were not wearing seatbelts.

According to the news story, this is an unprecedented number of accidents over a short time. However, the News and Observer reported a year previously that the number of accidents is on the rise. It cited the improving economy as the motivation. More people are spending time driving, either to work or for pleasure. More time on the road means more risk of an accident.

In 2012, the North Carolina Department of Transportation counted a total of213,605 crashes that resulted in 110,406 injuries and 1,262 fatalities. These numbers are a slight increase over the same figures for 2011. The records show that 31.6 percent of these fatalities were the result of speeding.

Smart Tips for Avoiding an Accident

Young drivers are more likely to take risks and also more likely to be involved in an accident. Parents are encouraged to talk with their teens, as well as setting a good example themselves.

  • Always follow traffic signs. Go the speed limit.
  • Wear a seatbelt in any seat.
  • Watch for unexpected hazards at night.
  • Drive more cautiously in winter weather.
  • Drive defensively and watch for reckless drivers.
  • Avoid driving on holidays when more people are traveling.
  • Reinforce good driving habits with your teen.
  • Never drive with more passengers than seatbelts.

Hiring a Raleigh Speeding Ticket Attorney

As law enforcement increases its awareness campaigns, it is more likely that an individual will be stopped for speeding. This may serve as a wakeup call to many drivers before an accident occurs. However, a traffic violation can be costly with fines, court fees, and an insurance rate increase. There is a risk of losing a driver’s license. Many factors affect the penalties, including speed, location, and previous violations.

If you have been cited for speeding, you may need legal advice from a speeding ticket attorney. If you have your license revoked, an attorney may be able to have it reinstated with limitations. Contact DeMent Askew at 919-833-5555 for an evaluation of your case.

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