Traffic Offenses and DMV Points

Most people do not know that when you pay a ticket for a traffic offense, like speeding, you are actually pleading guilty to that offense. Most moving traffic violations add points to your driving record, and each one can negatively effect your record and cause your insurance premiums to increase. The points that are added to your record with each offense can lead to a suspended license.

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In North Carolina, your license may be suspended after only 12 points within 3 years.

You may be assessed 5 points for:

Aggressive Driving
Passing a School Bus
4 point offenses include:

Reckless Driving
Hit and Run (property damage)
Illegal passing
Following too Close
Wrongway Driving
North Carolina will suspend your license if:

You are assessed 8 or more points within 3 years of having your license reinstated for traffic violation, North Carolina will suspend your license again.
For driving more than 15 mph in a 55 mph zone
For driving more than 75 mph in a zone that is less than 75 mph
For two speeding tickets where you were driving more than 55 but less than 80, or a speeding and reckless driving charge within one year.
The period of suspension will depend on the offense, and will generally be one month, 60 days, 1 year, 3 years, or permanent. In fact, North Carolina can suspend your license for 3 years for watching, betting on, or loaning a vehicle for prearranged racing.

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