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The True Cost of a Raleigh Speeding Ticket Revealed

If you’ve recently received a citation for speeding in Raleigh, you’re probably already aware of what it costs to pay it and be done. When the cost of a basic ticket can be as little as around $50, it’s incredibly easy to click the mouse a few times, key in a credit card number, and get the whole thing over with. However, it’s not necessarily the up-front fees that stick with you. The Wake County Clerk of the Court’s website clearly explains that payment of a citation is the equivalent of pleading guilty, and doing so carries long-term consequences. In fact, they actually recommend a court appearance and say reductions are often provided for those who attend.

Insurance Increase

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, insurance premiums can jump by as much as 22% from a single citation, depending on the nature of the violation. Naturally, those who already have a history of tickets will receive an even larger hike, and the insurance increase will stay for years afterward. Bear in mind that you will also see increases if you are cited with multiple violations at one time. Some of the most common violations, along with the percentageeach can increase your premium, are listed below.

  • Reckless Driving 22%
  • Careless Driving 16%
  • Traveling30 mph Over the Posted Limit 15%
  • Traveling 15-29 mph Over the Posted Limit 12%
  • Traveling 1-14 mph Over the Posted Limit 11%

Your License

Speeding can also cost you your license. The North Carolina Department of Transportation notes thatif you receive seven points against your license, you may be sent to a driver improvement clinic. You will also be assessed a $50 fee to attend. If you receive 12 points in a three-year window, your license will be suspended. Some speed-related violations may add three points to your license, while something like reckless driving will add five points immediately.

Your Job

In some industries, employees are wholly dependent on their license. Delivery drivers, commercial transport workers, and truckers are all out of work if they receive too many points. Other employers have clauses in their contracts which state that those who receive moving violations will be immediately terminated. This is somewhat common in the insurance industry or in sectors which call for moral superiority.

A single citation for driving too fast can have a lasting impact on your life. There is much more at stake than the upfront costs of paying it off. While it’s best to drive safely and avoid receiving a citation in the first place, you can, and should, take action to lessen the penalties if you receive one.

Raleigh Speeding Violation Attorney

If you have received a moving violation, don’t simply pay the fee and hope it will go away. Even after the fine is paid, you may face long-term consequences that aren’t obvious right away. If you allow them to build up points on your license, you may not be able to have later citations removed and then you’re in real trouble. We can help protect your rights and may be able to have your charges reduced or even removed. Contact us online or speak directly with one of our attorneys by calling919-833-5555.