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Rusty DeMent

Russell W. DeMent named to the 2020 Edition of Best Lawyers in America

We are pleased to announce that Russell (Rusty) DeMent III has been named to the 2020 Edition of Best Lawyers in America. Previously named to the Criminal Defense: General Practice Section, Rusty is additionally named to the DUI/DWI Defense Section in 2020. Rusty is a seasoned criminal trial attorney that has more than two decades…

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Client found not guilty in DWI case.

Defendant had a head-on collision with injuries to both parties. He was given field sobriety tests on the scene of the collision and did not perform well on those tests with the exception of the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test where he showed no signs of impairment from any central nervous system depressant. He admitted…

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No prison sentence for client facing 1 year.

Defendant charged with Level 2 DWI with one prior within 7 years. Was facing a potential sentence of 1 year in prison. Defendant attended a treatment program and really changed her life direction while the case was pending. We were able to get the judge to agree to accept the inpatient treatment as credit for…

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71% reduction in jail time acquired.

Client charged with level 3 trafficking in opiates which carried minimum mandatory sentencing of a minimum of 225 months (18 years 9 months) in prison. After months of negotiating with the prosecuting attorney and following a lengthy argument to the court, Defendant was sentenced to 65 months (5 years and 5 months) in prison with…

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Not Guilty DWI – No Probable Cause

Client stopped for speeding. LEO smelled odor of MJ about clients person. LEO search revealed burned MJ blunt. Defendant performed poorly on all physical tests but told the officer he suffered from a herniated disk in his lower back. On the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) eye test there were no clues of impairment. A subsequent…

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Guilty Verdict of Less Significant Charges of Driving with License Revoked and Lane Violation; Charges Included DWI, Driving While License Revoked, and Hit and Run; No Jail Time

Criminal Lawyer, DWI Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer.

Client charged with DWI, driving while license revoked for impaired revocation, hit and run, and driving left of center. She was found on side of the road in driver’s seat 400 yards from a collision, showed clues of impairment on the field sobriety tests and blew a .10 on the breath test. Found not guilty…

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