Defamation Guide for Libel & Slander in North Carolina: Part 4 – Costs of Defamation Lawsuits

What are the Costs?

Defamation cases are complex and can be costly. There are multiple factors involved in a lawsuit that can affect the costs. Such as knowing the Defendant’s identity, how many people and places has the statement been communicated or published to? In addition, your primary objective can also increase costs, is it your goal to remove the negative content or seek damages? Seeking damages can be more expensive than just seeking a removal or retraction. Since Defamation cases can be hard to prove, and costly, our attorneys at DeMent, Askew & Johnson charge a consultation fee of $400 per hour for most defamation cases, and should factors determine it necessary to proceed with representation, we will usually require a deposit of a minimum of $5,000 into our trust fund Due to the financial burden of these cases, we advise you to perform a cost-benefit analysis prior to instituting a lawsuit for defamation. This can help you determine if a Defendant will be capable of paying monetary damages awarded to you and reimburse you for your legal costs incurred in pursuing the lawsuit. If a Defendant is unable to pay or lacks resources, then the likelihood of collecting any damages significantly declines.

Defamation law is riddled with nuances and strict guidelines that must be carefully followed. At DeMent Askew & Johnson, we not only understand the hurt that comes with being publicly defamed but also the laws surrounding defamation. We will provide you with honest feedback about your options to ensure you are able to make informed decisions about restoring your reputation. Our attorneys are skilled defamation attorneys, with over 40 years of experience. We hold the record for the largest award in a defamation verdict ever in North Carolina. We can help you too. Call us today for a confidential consultation.