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Animal attacks - vicious dogsAs the population grows here in the Raleigh and across North Carolina, the number of pets is also increasing.  Pet ownership is a privilege that accompanies a great responsibility. An owner must his/her pet under control and supervision at all times. Some breeds of dogs are by naturally aggressive; other are trained to be that way. When animals are not controlled, serious injuries can result.  An attack by a vicious dog can cause severe injuries requiring extensive medical treatment, lost time out of work or school, and permanent scarring. Unfortunately children, who are less capable of warding off or escaping the attack, are often the victims of animal attacks. As a result these attacks are can be fatal.

Animal attacks are traumatic events that leave the victim with a painful physical recovery and an even longer mental recovery. Some victims are unable to overcome their fear of animals and suffer great anxiety in their presence.

Preparing an Animal Attack Law Suit

DeMent Askew represents persons that have been injured from a dog bite or other animal attack. We will take the steps necessary to hold the owner responsible and deter the animal from attacking another person.

We will contact the animal control authorities and obtain all related reports. It is their responsibility to perform the necessary investigation to determine all responsible parties.  There can be more than one responsible parties. Examples include co-owners of a pet, or when a renter owned the pet, but the landlord was also negligent in maintaining proper facilities.  We will also ensuring that proper criminal charges are filed against the owner[s] of the pet and that all criminal and/or civil fines are levied against the responsible parties.

Attorney Johnson will investigate the scene, obtain any necessary pictures and other evidence, and interview all witnesses. We will obtain all of your medical records and your medical bills.  Finally a detailed claim summary and demand letter to the appropriate liability insurance company detailing all aspects of your case and all elements of your damages. Animal attacks often settle before trial, but we’ll be ready to take your case to court if that’s what it takes to get the results you deserve.

DeMent Askew has the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to handle major dog bite or animal attack cases and to maximize to the fullest extent the compensation you or your family receives. Call 919-833-5555 now to discuss your animal attack claim with an experienced attorney.

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