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The Consequences of DWI in North Carolina

There is nothing good that comes out of driving while intoxicated. You may have heard or may have even told yourself some of the common phrases adults use in order to justify getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol:

  • A cold shower will sober me up.
  • I’ll have a few cups of strong coffee and fight the buzz.
  • Just an hour or so, and I’ll be fine.

These misconceptions are just a few that contribute to the deaths of 28 people every day in the U.S. because someone chooses to drink and drive. Besides the costly effects on the lives of others, billions of dollars are spent every year as a result of alcohol-related crashes, according to the CDC. Ultimately, it is a selfish decision that never has a positive outcome.

DWI in North Carolina

In 1983, the state of North Carolina introduced the Safe Roads Act, which did away with all previous driving laws related to drug and alcohol use and put all offenses under one offense. The driving while impaired, or DWI, offense is serious and costly, not only to the driver involved, but to all passengers and others on the road.

Your legal impairment is based on your Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC. This is dependent on your age, prior offenses, and type of driver’s license you currently possess. Open containers in a vehicle are also prohibited, as is helping someone under the age of 21 obtain alcohol.

Consequences of Impaired Driving  

The consequences of impaired driving in North Carolina are costly; these can include hefty fines, jail time, and your driver’s license being revoked or suspended. Your auto insurance rates may also increase, and you may be required to complete community service hours, if ordered by the court. The five levels of DWI offenses in the state are decided by the court system and include various factors. Different levels, ranging from 1 to 5, include a variety of penalties, from fines to monitored alcohol abstinence.

Of course, the more serious consequence of impaired driving is the injury or death of your passengers or other passengers on the road. If your impaired driving leads to the death of someone else, you can spend 15 months to as much as 40 years in jail.

Find Quality Legal Representation after DWI

If you or someone you know has made the decision to drive under the influence and has a charge of DWI in North Carolina, you will need quality legal representation in order to ensure you receive fair legal treatment. When you partner with us, we will begin to build your defense after a thorough investigation of the traffic stop and the evidence collection. Our dedicated legal team at DeMent Askew will work hard toward:

  • Having your DWI charges dismissed or reduced
  • Allowing you to keep your vehicle
  • Having your privilege of driving restored quickly

An experienced attorney with a reputation for excellence should be secured as soon as possible after an arrest for DWI in North Carolina. Quality legal representation will ensure you are working with someone who knows the state’s DWI laws and is striving to get their clients minimum penalties and increases driving rights.

If you need legal representation after a DWI offense, contact us today for more information on how we can work together to build your defense.