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DWI Enforcement During Peak Holiday Travel Times

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

Photo Credit: iStock Photo

The holiday season stretches from Halloween to New Year’s Eve. There are plenty of opportunities over these three months to celebrate with cross-country trips to visit family and gatherings with friends for every occasion. A season of partying can easily lead to too much of a good thing and the result can be a DWI charge.

DWI Holiday Season Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of DWI arrests and intoxicated driving fatalities also goes up at this time of year. Reports from the NHTSA have shown that from 2001 to 2005, an average of 36 fatalities occurred daily as a result of alcohol impairment. That number jumped to 45 during Christmas and 54 on New Year’s.

DWI Enforcement

Local law enforcement is cracking down on drinking and driving during these peak times. Cities may set up sobriety checkpoints and pay closer attention to drivers who seem impaired. North Carolina has an implied consent law, meaning that a breathalyzer or blood test is mandatory if an officer has reasonable belief that you are intoxicated.

Tips for Travel Safety

If you plan to celebrate or be on the road, follow these tips to protect yourself and others. Even if you are not over the legal limit, if you have had an alcoholic drink, you may be subject to close scrutiny.

  1. If you have had a drink, do not drive. Alcohol impairs your judgment, including the decision on whether you have had too much or not.
  2. Do not let another person drive if they have been drinking. Look out for friends and relatives. Offer to drive if you have not been drinking.
  3. Absolutely never drink if you are under age or provide alcohol to minors. Teenagers contribute to a significant portion of drunken driving accident statistics.
  4. Avoid driving late at night, when more accidents occur. This is especially true on Halloween and New Year’s Eve.
  5. Keep your car well-maintained and up-to-date. You are more likely to be pulled over if your vehicle inspection is out of date or a headlight is out. Being pulled over for another offense can lead to a potential DWI charge.
  6. Obey traffic laws and observe local signs. Do not speed or go unreasonably slow. If you are in an unfamiliar neighborhood, pay extra attention to traffic signs such as for one-way streets.

Raleigh DWI Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DWI, contact an attorney for legal advice. You are entitled to personal rights and an attorney can provide guidance and representation. The penalties for a DWI are severe and having your license revoked can have a lasting impact. Your attorney may be able to get your charges reduced, especially if this is your first offense.In some case, the charges may be dropped if the traffic stop is deemed illegal. DeMent Askew can provide an evaluation of your case and help you choose the best course of action. Call 919-833-5555 or enter your details in the contact form.


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